September 3, 2011

Setting Vibrate, Mobile So Sex Toys

After years of marriage, if one day fair sex life was dull. To fix it, why not experiment with sex toys? No need to buy special, because some things in the bedroom can be turned into a weapon in the bed.

What are those? Here are six items that can be used as sex toys during lovemaking.

Cell phone

Set the phone on vibrate mode, and navigate the phone to her husband sensitive body parts. Let him feel the sensation of vibration, then do it alternately. Mischievous and creative.


Things that seemed "not guilty" was in fact able to provide sensation to the nipple husband (you too).

First, create a kind of circular pattern around the nipple using the tip of hairpin repeatedly, when you feel her nipples harden, gently clamp nipple was a partner with hairpins. Extra pinch to strengthen her husband's desire.


Open pillowcase and fold up a few folds, using a pillowcase as a blindfold, or to bind the hands of her husband at the end of the bed.


Lying on my stomach and asked her husband to massage your back gently using the tip of the comb. Gentle pressure from the feather comb can be spread to make you faster "wet".

Lacy panties

Tie your lacy panties on the base of the penis couples. This meant that he was able to erect for longer and so he climax, the sensation would be amazing.


Before having sex, ask the couple gargling with mouthwash first. Menthol sensation (or mint) which is cold, will tickle your passion.

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