September 2, 2011

Men More Like Women bercitra 'Bad Girl'?

Men More Like Women bercitra 'Bad Girl'?
In competitive relationships, being nice does not always make you get preferential treatment. It is better to transform themselves into a bad girl. Although always be avoided, this way the powerful lure men.

Character, Äúbad girl, Äù inconsistencies. Someday be tempting, at other times can be very cold. And, this is a popular character as a man.

Sherry Argov, author of best selling book "Why Men Love Bitches and Why Men Marry Bitches" describes the reason a man happy, Äúbad girl, Äù as reported by the Times of India.

Why was sweet girl faster cast?

Ever wonder why a former lover is so easy to leave you for someone who is more successful, sexy, and tough? Maybe this is why:

* You show clearly how much you depend on him.

* With him, you feel not alone.

* You do not want to wait for the right person, and you are too rushed to feel he is your happiness and not vice versa.

Do men like women who are tough?

Generally, men feel intimidated by women who are tough and opinionated. But they just see it as a challenge. Nothing is more attractive than women who have self-esteem and dignity. Be as he wants. Then certainly, he will not let you just like that.

You just need to have self control and makes it curious. Forget the rules in relationships. You will not marry the perfect person, you will marry a person of interest.

Do not do ...

* Too often call or send a short message

* Ask where and what he was doing

* Saying "You never said you love me". Do not show your love easily

* Agree with all his words, he will start to get bored. Reveal just what you think.

* Going to look into different places where he usually hangs out.

* To be mad if he did not call you in four days.

* Reset your schedule to spend time with her.

Should do ...

Imagine walking on a thin rope on behalf of intimidation, independent and feminine but still strong as well. If you do not see how much strength or weakness of the real you, your spouse can not even see it.

When men can not read her completely, she was more respected. Women with self-control will seem more attractive to men.

Eliminate third party

Concerned about the existence of a third person in your relationship? The first thing to do is make sure that you are the only woman. If it is ascertained he is infatuated only to you, other women will not be an issue.

But if it proved there was another woman, it's time to walk calmly out of the relationship and say "blessed hope" to him.

Happy and positive thinking

Value yourself and value your peace of mind. Do not pursue happiness outside of yourself. Most importantly, try not to think about what others think of you, that would eliminate your power.

If you feel happy and positive inside, the others will not control you emotionally. It would look quite attractive to men. Men will always be uncomfortable for women who face emotional opinions of others.

Pursue your own dreams

Focus on interests outside the relationship. He could know you care, but do not need to know how many. Men do not want to compete with other men to get your attention. They want to compete for your time because you do not wait 24 hours seven days a week

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