September 3, 2011

Compliments, How To Show Love in a New Lover

Compliments, How To Show Love in a New Lover
After knitting the rope of love, expressing feelings of love in love sometimes can make nervous. Because the moment of expression has become a kind of "big step" for your relationship.

When you're not ready to say the phrase, "I love you", many ways to show it. To find out, following the exposure eHow you can follow.

Throw a compliment

Tell your lover how handsome he is, or you appreciate its presence.

special Cuisine

Make the day special lover with your own homemade lunch.


Create a special gift for lovers, such as handmade greeting cards. You can write love letters to poetry to express your love.

Text message full of meaning

At midday lover busy working, leave him a piece of paper with a brief message full of meaning.

Express your feelings

Make sure the atmosphere and mood of lovers support when you were alone. Hug your lover's body and hold hands, and say three words "I Love You".

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