September 3, 2011

Want to Lean Body? Only at Night Sleep!

Want to Lean Body? Only at Night Sleep!
Do you feel overweight even more felt ngegym agenda has been running routine? Please check back to your daily activities. Perhaps, evening activities you kill all the hard work of diet that you do during the day.

Although not much activity, the evening became a vulnerable time for anyone stricken with obesity. You certainly do not want to not exercise your wasted no results for your eating habits at night ruin your weight is getting fatter.

Experts advise to sleep on the agenda which can reduce excess weight. So, what is the relationship between sleep and eat? Times of India review it for you.

* Lack of sleep will be disastrous for someone for damaging hormones in the body. The hormone ghrelin is related to the affairs of hunger will be disturbed as well as with leptin in charge of telling your brain when to stop chewing may also be disrupted. Well, when you're not getting enough rest, it will actually improve the performance levels of ghrelin and leptin. The result, the desire to eat and feelings of dissatisfaction will increase food intake although you do have more than usual.

* Second, the journey will be slower growth hormone while you sleep. This hormone plays a very important role in weight because of muscle control and body fat proportions. So, when you do not get proper sleep schedule, then you will be less in the release of this hormone. In fact, only one week of sleep deprivation alone will reduce significantly the production of growth hormone. And, low levels of growth hormone the same will contain more fat. Thus, lack of sleep significantly increases the opportunity to gain weight.

Not only that, a good sleep will help you eliminate stress from your mind and body. Due to lack of sleep tends to cause physical stress. This will cause excessive production of stress hormones (cortisol) which in turn will stimulate excessive production of glucose. And this is a bit much then it will turn into fat.

* Lack of sleep will make your body is always hungry. When people fight the sleep, so he just ate a high-calorie sweets, salty foods, and flour as a snack. This is because lack of sleep will stimulate the cells to eat more. So, if you want to defeat hunger, go to sleep.

* Lack of sleep will be accompanied by lethargy. When you are sleep deprived, then the energy would be low. As a result, you tend not to be physically active. As a result, you will burn fewer calories. When the body senses is in low level, then it will store up fat calories, making weight buildup.

* What if the lack of sleep, but getting enough exercise? The American Thoracic Society International Conference held recently in San Diego, California, reported in her study that women who get less sleep up to five hours a night are much more likely to get additional weight of 15 kilograms in a period of 16 years. It gets a share of approximately 30 percent compared to other women who meet for seven hours of sleep each night.

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