September 15, 2011

Holiday sex comes with no strings and no condom it seems

Some holiday-singles don't see the need for a condom whilst abroad and sleeping with strangers, according to a new survey.

The holiday season is slowly drawing to an end and a new survey suggests that single 18-35 year olds are continuing to put their sexual health at risk by having sex with a number of different partners.

The survey also showed the worringly relaxed approach amongst holidaymakers to catching STIs from holiday flings. This information comes to light during Sexual Health Week.

Despite 1 in 5 of those surveyed stating sightseeing as a holiday priority, delve deeper and it appears much more flesh is being viewed than scenic sites. One sexual partner isn’t enough for many, with 38 per cent of men admitting to having sex with two or more partners on holiday versus 11 per cent for women.  At the extreme, 4 per cent of men admitted to having more than 10 sexual partners on their last holiday.

Women were less concerned about catching an STI from having sex on holiday than men and it often doesn't cross men's minds to have a check-up when they get back from their trip.

Overall, almost a third of those surveyed were aware of the potential consequences of having unprotected sex but went ahead anyway. This is particularly worrying given that chlamydia, for example, can lead to infertility in both sexes if left untreated. Over half of people admitted to having never been tested for STIs.

Dr Thom Van Every, sexual health expert at Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor says: “We see the darker side of many unprotected holiday flings so this is an extremely busy time of year for us. The return to work after a holiday is depressing enough without having an STI to deal with. If left untreated STIs can have very serious health implications and affect not only your health but that of others. It’s all too easy to unknowingly pass on an STI to a sexual partner if you’ve picked something up and haven’t realised.

“Don’t be fooled – having no symptoms doesn’t always mean you haven’t got a problem downstairs; if in doubt, get checked out. If you’re embarrassed about visiting a clinic and talking about intimate problems face to face, our discreet online service means you don’t have to and it’s also a good solution if you’re strapped for time.”

The survey showed that 15 per cent of people who didn’t use a condom whilst having sex on holiday admitted that this was because they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Research from the Liverpool John Moores University has shown that having sex whilst abroad is often associated with regular heavy drinking.

Professor Mark Bellis OBE, Director, Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University says: “People are less likely to think about protecting their sexual health after drinking or using drugs. As young people take advantage of the summer holidays to party more at home and abroad, we routinely see increases in the number of sexually transmitted infections. People can help prevent these infections if they carry a condom. They may not be planning to have sex but just in case, it does not hurt to be prepared.”

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