September 12, 2011

Women are committing size fraud

A little white lie won't hurt anyone will it? Well it could make you just a little bit uncomfortable.

According to new research, a quarter of women in the UK admit to committing 'size fraud' - buying clothes that are too small for them in order to lie about their size.

Women questioned admitted that they done this so they don't have to lie when people ask what size they are and because it helps to boost their confidence - but ladies, this is not bound to keep you happy for long. Too small clothes will leave you feeling flustered, uncomfortable and ready to rip your clothes off at any given time.

Great for men, not so much for us.

A fifth of those surveyed explained that they regularly committed 'size fraud' in order to make themselves better about the clothes that they were purchasing.

The women who admitted to committing this 'crime' were asked what clothing size - on average - they really were. The results found that the majority fell within the size 10 bracket, meaning that they were already below average in the size department.

"It's interesting to see how many women actually purchase the wrong clothing size in order to lie about their true size, or to feel better about themselves. This can often be detrimental, as well fitting clothes are usually the most flattering; so buying your true size is always the best way to feel better about your appearance," says Mark Pearson, chairman of who conducted the research.

Just a tenth a women taking part in the study said that they were happy with their body, with those saying no admitting that they wish they were a smaller size.

Mark continues: "Women committing size fraud in order to lie to others about their size shouldn't feel the need to, as confidence can only come from feeling good about yourself. Wearing clothes with confidence can do wonders for your self-esteem, so don't think about others, wear your true size with pride."

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