September 5, 2011

9 Benefits of Long Pull Breath

When the panic and nervousness swept, tried to draw breath with a long or deep, and instantly you feel relaxed. It seems strange indeed, but very effective thing to do. Apparently, profits took a deep breath in not only to relieve feelings of nervousness.

Experts say, draw a deep breath at a time can provide other health benefits. Here are the other benefits of deep breathing:

1. Relieves stress

Daily activities and our relationships with others can sometimes increase the stress levels. This causes breathing becomes faster and blood pressure increased. In fact, these two conditions can be bad for your health. Breathe deeply can be one of the best things to relieve stress, thus re-focus and clear mind. When breathed in deeply, you send a signal to the brain to calm down and relax. Then the brain pass signals to the body, making you feel relaxed again.

2. Reducing anxiety

Anxiety can be hazardous to health and cause several health problems and diseases. Deep breathing exercises can help clear up any 'blockages' in mind, so help you refocus. That way you can minimize or even eliminate your anxiety.

3. Improving blood circulation

Breathe deeply and regularly can improve memperbiki delivery of oxygen to all organs of the body. Try breathing in through your stomach to increase the oxygen supply to organs and helps the whole development of the system.

4. Assist Detoxification

Routinely took a deep breath we can do detoxification organs. Because when we inhale deeply, can help detoxify the body so that cleanse your body system.

5. Lowering blood pressure monitor

According to research published in the journal The Lancet, heart patients who take a short breath gusts of as much as 12-14 per minute (six breaths per minute blast was considered optimal) were more likely to have low oxygen levels, which can be damaging skeletal muscle and metabolic function, causing muscle atrophy (decreased muscle mass). Routine breathed deeply been shown to decrease blood pressure.

6. Helps reduce pain

By drawing a deep breath, the body will release endorphins. This adalag similar substance that gives a sense of comfort and also a natural pain reliever. These hormones can also make the muscles become more relaxed. Tense muscles meruoakan major cause of pain in the neck, back and stomach. Numerous studies have shown that breathing deeply in providing benefits for asthmatics.

7. Helps to improve physical and mental health

Deep breathing can increase oxygen levels in the blood, improve health in many ways, slowing your heart rate, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, and helps digestion, which in turn helps improve mental performance and energy.

8. Stomach Relaxation

Research has demonstrated with inhaled can relax in the stomach and helps your stomach to move properly. So, if you're experiencing in the stomach pergejolakan try to breathe deeply, especially when you are on the toilet.

9. Reduce Pain Nervous

Nervousness is a common feeling experienced by everyone. Sometimes nerves can make a person difficult to speak, when it happens, deep breathing can be done to overcome them. Try to close my eyes and breathe deeply for a minute or two.

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