May 3, 2011

Danger Bra Too Tight

Danger Bra Too Tight
A bra that has a wire underneath it can support the breast with a better appearance. Breasts go up and look fuller. But then came the notion that underwire bras can cause breast cancer.

Shocking news came about the year 1995, the results of research Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer in the United States, against 4700 women. In the book Dressed to Kill, the scientists stated, the use of a bra associated with the incidence of breast cancer.

The head of the epidemiology of reproductive and hormonal National Cancer Institute, Louise Brinton, stating that the opinion does not make sense. Over the past 30 years conducting research in the field of cancer, he still found that the most common occurrence of cancer related to endogenous hormone levels.

"Indeed there has been no scientific studies about the link underwire bras and bra wearing sleeping habits, the incidence of breast cancer, so do not worry," said Dr.. Adityawati Ganggaiswari, MBiomed, Cancer Foundation of Indonesia, when contacted GHS.

Too Binding

Although his many other experts declared the results of research that is not true, until now there are many women who fear wearing underwire bras. In addition to risks associated with breast cancer that has not proven true, underwire bras can also cause another complaint if the use does not fit in the body or too tight binding to the chest.

Bra is too tight according to a study by the British School of Osteopathy can suppress the bone and muscle, so that makes it hard to breathe. Specifically for the sports bra can also cause breathing difficulties if used excessively or when not exercising. That's because the sports bras are designed specifically tighter than a regular bra, to support the breasts in place when processing the body.

Impaired bowel movements and constipation may also occur, if we are too tight to wear a bra so that pressing the ribs.

If the bra is too tight binding of the body, can also lead to skin wounded, mainly due to the hook on a rope behind.

For those with large breasts, use a tight bra can cause problems in the area of ​​pectoral muscles in the chest. The users can feel like a punctured or pinched in the area, and circulation problems can occur until the destruction of tissue in the breast.

Not a few women who deliberately wear a bra so tight, so that her breasts lifted and look more toned and beautiful. This habit makes trapezius muscles connecting the neck and shoulders will be strong pressure, so that it can produce pain in the shoulder, neck, and back.

The study, conducted by Dr.. Edward Ryan, as written in the Medical Journal of Australia found a link between back pain and the use of a bra that is too tight. In a two-week trial, the women who complained of back pain is not advisable to wear a bra first, or replace it with a strapless bra (strapless). The result, 79 percent of patients felt the pain is gone.

Not only underwire bras, for those flat-chested and happy to choose a bra cup containing thick foam to show the illusion of "big chest" also must be careful. Thick foam that makes the breast skin can not breathe, so it is more easily irritated or have other disorders.

So, underwire bras actually stay safe when fitting and comfortable in the body. Do not be too mengetatkannya because the breast and the muscles in our body will actually suffer.

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