May 14, 2011

Technical Meeting on Health Workforce Retention Policies Bucharest, Romania, 28-29 March 2011

The WHO Regional Office for Europe in collaboration with the Executive Committee of the South-eastern Europe Health Network organized a Technical Meeting on Health Workforce Retention Policies.

The aim of the meeting was to develop evidence on retention practices, to exchange experiences gained in countries of the South-eastern Europe Health Network, and to develop and agree upon a linking and learning path for retention policies and strategies in the region.

The outputs from the meeting were the collection of examples of emerging retention practices in countries of the SEE health network to further develop a policy brief.

The policy brief would further support embedding retention in current initiatives in the SEE Region and establishing a Regional Health Development Center on HRH.

This meeting was sponsored by the joint partnership programme between the Netherlands Ministry for Development Cooperation, the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and WHO Regional Office for Europe. The Dutch technical partner institution of WHO is the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), a WHO Collaborating Centre for Research, Training and Development of Human Resources for Health.

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