April 2, 2011

A Few Diet Secrets of Angelina Jolie

She looked so "lean", yet vibrant in her movie "Salt". She is the leading Hollywood babe! Men desire her in their dreams. And she had "spied" into everyone's heart. She is Angelina Jolie. She is an age-defying beauty, and her lean looks with a vibrant appearance makes her a leading face in Hollywood. Don't you want to know about her diet and fitness secrets? Here we go:

    * She concentrates on eating whole foods.
    * She does not involve sugar in her diet.
    * She always prefers to eat foods in a seated position.
    * People choose to refer her diet as Candlelit Diet indicating that she would not have food in a room which is bright.
    * Her diet consists of extremely low fat organic foods.
    * She also includes nuts and other healthy sources of fats in her diet as she knows very well that a no fat diet is harmful.    * She avoids taking processed foods.
    * Her protein food menu comprises of soy milk, beef and steamed fish.
    * She loves to take steamed vegetables.
    * Occasionally, the gorgeous actress indulges in sinful favorites, but she controls her portion intakes.
    * Taking a number of small meals a day helps boosting up her metabolism while saving her digestive system from getting overburdened.
    * Some sources have revealed that Angelina believes in Stone Age Diet which requires omission of wheat based foods and red meat with special consideration for fruits, fish and raw salads.

In fact, Angelina Jolie changes her diet plan in accordance with her requirements in her movies. For example, during the filming of Tomb Raider, Angelina focused on taking high protein, low carb foods to build up her muscles. She added protein shakes in her menu to assist her in the process of giving a new shape to her body. Not much information is obtained on the lean beauty's diet, but it can be concluded that she focuses on the intake of low fat, low carb foods.

It has also come to be known that when Angelina was pregnant with her twins, then Brad Pitt was pretty nervous about her calorie intake. Major parts of her diet have been kept hidden as a treasured secret. Although some facts remain unexplored, but - We are what we eat. Her glowing complexion and perfect body just establishes the point!

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