October 20, 2010

Great Hair on a Budget

Trying to save some cash? Penny-pinching needn't cramp your style. Here are the top ways you can save on your hair, and still look good.

1. T-section it
Next time you head to get your roots touched up, consider having just your T-section (across the forehead and along your part) done. Sure, you'll need to get the rest fixed up at some point, but this will be enough to cover the most noticeable areas until you can afford the rest. It's also a good tip for when you don't have much time to spare at the salon, but can't walk around with roots any longer!

2. Skip the treatment
Ever heard these words muttered by your hairdresser? "Honey, your hair needs a treatment. Let's pop over to the basin and it'll only take 10 minutes." Yep, you think your hairdresser's got your locks in her best interest (which she may have), but what she's forgotten to add to that sentence is, "And that'll be an extra $30." Don't wait until you're at the register to find this out. Speak up, and if they're charging for it, consider if you can DIY at home for less.

4. Skip the blow-dry
Just like skipping the in-salon treatment can save you cash, so too can the blow-dry. Granted, leaving the salon looking like a drowned rat isn't tres sexy, but if you don't have to go anywhere straight after your cut or colour appointment, why not head home and dry it for free?

5. Go junior
Did you know that salons charge less if apprentices cut or colour your hair? Yes, having a less-experienced cutter can be a little nerve-racking, but if you're having a single, block, all-over colour, or some simple foils it's pretty hard for them to stuff up (and they're usually fully supervised, anyway). It's an easy way to save moolah.

6. Just say no
Don't feel you have to buy the care and styling products your hairdresser recommends. They are not going to be offended if you say no, and you may be able to buy a supermarket brand for less. A hairdressing insider (who doesn't want to be named) tells us this bit of juicy info: "Some hairdressers receive commission, bonuses or incentives to sell these products to their clients. Just like they want you to re-book in six weeks' time to ensure you come back, it's a great way for them to make extra money."

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