August 20, 2010

How to get the perfect eyebrow shape

Eyebrows are one of our best beauty assets so it's not worth taking any chances with an at-home job.

Professional results speak for themselves. Ladies, it’s time to farewell uneven brows and say hello to naturally shaped and perfectly groomed works of art they’re the ultimate face shapers.

In the quest for perfect brows, Your Beauty Spot headed straight to Benefit's Brow Bar in Myer, Sydney City, to get shaped. They caught up with Hannah Terrett, Benefit's leading brow expert to help put all your burning brow dilemmas to rest and learnt how to achieve the latest brow shape.

What is the eyebrow shape we should all be aiming for at the moment?
Brow shapes change, just like fashion. This season thick and natural is in. The best style is a natural line with enough definition to frame the face giving an instant eye lift.

How do we achieve this look?
Start by throwing away those tweezers. Have your brows done professionally with a brow specialist. A professional masters the art of brows so the shape and thickness will be perfect. Try a brow tint to enhance thickness and have them trimmed just a little to define the finished result.

Do you prefer hot wax or strip wax?
At Benefit's Brow Bars we use a mixture of the two; it is a chewy consistency wax which is removed using a calico strip. This wax gives a clean finish with no residue and minimal redness.

Should people at home tweeze in-between visits?
Definitely not! Tweezing in between visits staggers the growth cycle of the hair making the hairs grow through at different times of the month, which will result in an unclean wax at your next brow shape.

How do you achieve the perfect shape?
Everyone's shape is different and is determined mostly by facial features. If a client has larger facial features — eg, eyes and nose — a thicker brow will balance the face as opposed to a thinner, shorter brow working well for those with smaller features.

What do you recommend to fill in the gaps?
A brow tint works wonders for those light, sparse, uneven brows. Lasting two to three weeks, a brow tint colours the hair filling in sparse sections and leaves the brows looking fuller. And brows wouldn't be complete without a touch of Benefit's Brow Zings. It sets the brows in shape using a combination of wax and powder. It also fills in any sparse sections between the brows where the skin is visible, giving instant shape and definition taking your brows from now to wow.

Which celebrity would you say has the most coveted eyebrows?
Delta Goodrem, Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Hawkins are all gorgeous Aussie beauties. The three of them have very different faces and shapes with the most effortless, defined and flattering brows.

And finally, tell us a little bit about you.
Having worked within the beauty industry for what seems like an eternity, brows have always been my passion. Having [developed] a loyal following over the years, my reward is the satisfaction of the customer. From management to training, I am constantly growing and excelling my love of the field. Becoming a brow trainer for Benefit Cosmetics has been the icing on the cake, coaching brow specialists, playing and having fun with make-up and taking customers from now to wow in an instant. Laughter really is the best cosmetic!

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