June 27, 2010

Beauty: Your new beauty regime

Pregnancy hormones can play havoc with your body so your favourite pre-pregnancy products may not be up to the job of keeping you groomed and gorgeous now you’re with bump. Use targeted techniques and pregnancy-friendly products for an easy beauty regime that maxes your glow factor.

Take a morning shower
An ever growing bump can make your body feel sluggish and heavy, so give it a pick-me-up first thing by taking a short tepid shower. As pregnancy can cause dry patches, it’s best to use cooler water as hot can dehydrate the skin, and use a shower gel that’s labelled “moisturising” to avoid parched pores even more.

Wash hair
Pregnancy is a great time for your hair as all the hormones make it thicker and more lustrous. But you can also see a change in its texture - fine can turn coarse, straight can turn wavy, and smooth can turn frizzy. So keep locks in control by shampooing everyday.

Remove fuzz
I-feel-ugly days are common during pregnancy so it’s vital to pay attention to the smaller details like hairy underarms, or ungroomed eyebrows to keep your confidence up. Shave away prickles from underarms and legs daily, (Insider tip: if you’re finding it awkward to reach your legs during the later months, shave on the loo or a chair with your legs resting against the bath!), and make time for plucking as face fuzz can get unruly if you don‘t keep it under control.

Moisturise everywhere
As your body grows to accommodate the baby, it’s common for the stretched skin to turn dry and itchy. Help it stay soft and supple with a daily top-to-toe moisturising routine and give drier areas like the feet, knees, thighs, stomach and the backs of your arms an extra dose of moisture.

Put on a little make-up
A simple make-up look is easy and quick and will make you feel a whole lot better on I’m-feeling-fat days. Avoid foundation if you can as your complexion will probably have a healthy pregnancy glow about it already. Just use concealer to disguise dark circles, spots and scars and blusher or bronzer to give some colour to your cheeks. Finish off with black mascara to define eyes and a high-shine lip gloss.

Put your feet up
The extra weight will put pressure on your feet making skin dry, swollen and sore. Keep them looking human by moisturising the heels and soles daily and rest them on a high surface as often as you can throughout the day.

Wind down and pamper
A pregnant body can feel tired and sore by the end of the day, so it’s vital to soothe it (and your mind) with a relaxing before-bed beauty regime. Choose from a candle-lit bath, a pampering face mask, or a foot or hand massage to help to de-stress and chill.

A Mini Manicure
Nails can be brittle and prone to breaking during pregnancy but a weekly manicure will keep them even and groomed. File away ridges and neaten edges using a one-direction filing technique. Moisturise cuticles with hand cream, pushing them back as you’re massaging it into skin. Polish with a natural pink colour that won’t show any chips.

A top-to-toe scrub
Dryness can lead to dullness so it’s important to slough away dead and dry skin cells with a regular weekly exfoliation routine. Opt for grainy scrubs that manually smooth dry patches as acid-based ones (that use AHAs to dissolve cells) are not safe to use while pregnant.

A conditioning hair wrap
Keep locks looking healthy and shiny by wrapping conditioner-soaked wet hair into a warmed-on-the-radiator towel for ten minutes or more. The heat will help the conditioner fully absorb into the strands leaving them soft and manageable for the rest of the week.

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